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No Maps 2017
~Sapporo Creative Convention~

"No Maps: Sapporo Creative Convention"is the destination that creates new businesses opportunities an idea as aresult of the intersection of cutting edge technologies and creativity.
Our business convention aims to be ahub of creative subinesses from Sapporo to the world.
No Maps is comprised of three categories; "Short film""Music"and"Interactive".However, the border between these creative fields is disappearing and there are a lot of converged works.Weare focusing on the future and new era of creative businesses.

Sapporo Downtown area
Business day: Oct.10(tue)~13(fri), 2017
Public day: Oct.5(thu)~15(sun), 2017
No Maps Committee
Supporter/ Sponsorship/Collaboration
Sapporo City, Hokkaido prefecture,
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Number of visitors in the previous year
21,404 (Number of exhibitors only for trade shows)
18 (Number of exhibitors only for trade shows)
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