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KYOTO Cross Media Experience 2017

Kyoto is the birthplace of entertainment and culture of Japan, such as films, games, and manga. It is also the home to a rich history, traditional culture, a world-leading tourist city, unique fashion and music, and also a variety of food culture, such as Kyoto cuisine.
Under the industry-academic-public cooperation of Kyoto, KYOTO CMEX also collaborates with CoFesta (Japan International Content Festival) and Kyoto Intercollegiate Festa and fuses all sorts of content to show off the charms to Japan and overseas!
It aims to rebuild the content industry, train human resources for the future, nurture social exchange, and reinforce international competitiveness. From passionate fans to the general public, everyone will be able to further communicate to the world and evolve our content.
We hope you’ll participate and make things greater for everyone!

Miyakomesse(Museum of Kyoto-shi Kangyo), Kyoto International Manga Museum, Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Toei Kyoto Movie Studio, Shochiku Movie Studio, Toei Kyoto Studio Park etc.
May.20(Sat)~Dec.3(Sun), 2017
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